Sunday, February 19, 2006

Home Finally

Being on leave hasn't prevented me from taking on side projects. In fact, I just got home from offering leadership at a Confirmation event at 5 Oaks. Being freed from Sunday duties has allowed me to seize some different opportunities.

The usual events transpired: youth sharing stories of drunken exploits (the whole "yeah, I'm here at a church event, but really, I am cool" posturing); someone locked in a closet, bad day for that same someone who lost a tooth in some licorice.

Ended that event and proceeded to a planning meeting for another youth event. Turned-down thermostats and burnt popcorn did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the team.

A couple stops on the way home for some infant Tylenol, Dimetap and bread, and I was finally home. It was nice to be greeted by pajama-clad children, their smiling faces and happy bouncing suggested they were glad to see me too.

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