Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Blog Days of Summer

Maybe it is the August malaise, the lack of activity in the basketball world (the FIBA tournament and WNBA hold only the most passing of interest for me), the dropping off the Blue Jays in the pennant/post-season races, the dearth of new television, or the preparation for the busy-ness to come that is September, but I'm finding it difficult to compose blog entries for the time being.

Putting up cute pictures of the kids is not presently an option, as Rei has become quite camera shy lately – any request I've made to take her picture results in an emphatic "NO, thank you!" My sense of balance hasn't allowed me to go overboard with Kai pictures yet, although he does have 26 months of catching up to do. Not that I'm implying he is inferior or behind in anyway ... maybe I should just stop here before my other foot crams itself into my mouth (keyboard?).

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