Thursday, November 02, 2006

Restyling Freestyle

As much as I love, and want to support, CBC Radio, I just can't get into the national afternoon show, "Freestyle" with Cameron and Kelly. Their banter seems too rigid and contrived and their story pieces don't mesh with the music.

I thought this afternoon might be bearable as they talked about how November 2 is Bizarro Groundhog Day, when the groundhog crawls into its hole to sleep for 3 months. The songs "We Won't Last the Winter" and "Sleeping In" showed promise in integrating theme with song.

It fell apart, as usual, when after a segment about aerial yoga and hanging upside down led to the intro, "I don't know if Kate Bush does yoga, but her latest album is titled 'Aerial' and here's a song from it..." Whaa? Is that what passes for radio programming? I'd have lined up Peter Gabriel's "Downside-Up" knowing that PG does practise yoga and the eerie, airy, lilting of Elizabeth Fraser complements the illusion of mid-air inversion.

There was another segment where the transition went something like, "for more information go to their website. If you go to our Freestyle website and check our playlist, you'll see that we played this song ..."

Where is my beloved Tetsuro Shigematsu?

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