Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hospital-ity Tour

This afternoon, the new pastor from the Bible Chapel in town and I drove into London for a whirlwind tour of the healthcare system (the cooperative venture of LHSC and SJHC). I showed him around to University Hospital, St. Joseph's Health Care, pointing out Mount Hope Centre, South Street Hospital, and Parkwood Hospital on our way to Victoria Hospital.

We met with some of the pastoral care staff, I showed him where to park and how to have his pass validated and he received/completed the paperwork for his accredited hospital IDs. Coincidentally, the staff appreciation buffet was occurring while at Victoria. I walked into the cafeteria with ID affixed to my lapel, acting as if I belonged (not for the first time that I've been mistaken for a doctor – and not to say that only doctors are "staff", although some act like it), and brought a plate of fruit and cookies and a couple coffees back to the Spiritual Care office.

It is, after all, the hospital's mandate to care for the entire person, spirit, mind and body.

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