Sunday, August 19, 2007


During the coffee time after worship, someone came up to me and joked, "So I guess you're a DJ too?" My puzzlement must have shown on my face, so this person explained, "I typed your name into Google..."

My first thought was, They found this blog already? Not that it's any great secret, but it's a little early in the relationship to be so self-revealing (says the guy chronicling details of his days to the entire Internet). I wondered if updating my little Radio 3 playlist was considered DJ-ing, although my selections are more mood-driven and event-based than musically-linked through theme or beat or lyric.

It turns out there is a hip-and-happening DJ in Japan who is the first hit when my name is entered into the Google engine (I guess it's his name too). I'm sure there's a reality TV show that would take people with the same names and swap them into each other's jobs for a week.

I think I'm the B-Boy with the mike. Just like on Sundays. Sort of.

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