Wednesday, May 21, 2008

*sigh* Kobe

WARNING: Contains basketball content.

Watching tonight's San Antonio/LA game after a 12-hour day of church office work and meetings, I have to grudgingly admit that that Kobe Bryant guy can really play. It's a delight to watch him elevate the level of his play tonight – now that it's against another team than Toronto (and his 81 points).

Yes, I was an intrigued fan at the start of his career; yes, his ego turned me off soon after; yes, his Colorado rape allegations diminished his star in my eyes; yes, I was glad to see his Lakers fall to Detroit; yes, I was glad to see Shaq succeed without him; but, damn!, he can really play.

Although, speaking of "Memories of Kobe", I'm now hungry for barbeque.

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