Thursday, June 26, 2008

Golf and Windows

In a hybrid of the previous two days, I got out for 9 holes at Caradoc Sands. I ended up golfing with a father and son who are very accomplished players. I knew I was in trouble when the son's 5-iron shot went as far as my drive did. I deduced from the Basketball Canada tattoo on his calf that he played basketball (plus his being 6'7" was kind of a giveaway).

For most of the round, I kept pace with my partners, even if the dad had a 7 handicap, which he was quick to tell me. Bogeys, doubles, I was right there. I even matched the dad's drive on hole 8 which I quietly celebrated. But that's when it all fell apart: 20 shots for the last 2 holes. So my final score was in keeping with my standard, even though I was on track for the best game of my life.

I think dad and son were glad to see me go as they "made the turn" (see? I learned some new lingo while on holidays!) and by then I was rather embarrassed.

So then it was back to window washing in the afternoon, once the sun passed over to the other side of the house – we can't have streaks! I finished up before the rain came.

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