Monday, July 21, 2008

In Pictures

My blogging got stuck as I tried to identify 7 songs for the currently circulating Music Meme but I will get to that later.

In the meantime, we've been making much use of our patio set:
patio set

With last week being holidays, we jam packed it full of day trips and little events. Monday was a morning playdate for Reiko and some school friends.

was a trip to Storybook Gardens where the kids posed on London Bridge:
sbg08 - ldn bridge

They watched the animals, played on the pirate ships, swung on the Ferris Wheel, and stopped for some bubble time:
sbg08 - rei bubble

And the obligatory Humpty Dumpty pose:
sbg08 - humpty

The carousel had mixed reviews. Thumbs up from Reiko:
sbg08 - rei merry

But Kai was less impressed:
sbg08 - kai merry

It was on to the nearby park and wading pool for a picnic lunch. Some swingtime followed:
big swing

And into the wading pool before heading home.
wading pool

Wednesday was a morning trip to the beach. Rei swam some more in the shallow water and Kai happily played in the sand.

Thursday we went to Sarnia where the kids and Shelley went to Canatara Park while I visited with a colleague to borrow a FireWire. It was a quick trip over the bridge to Port Huron where we did some crossborder shopping (clothes, cleaning products, and special toys for the kids - Sleeping Beauty "Barbie" selected by Rei, Diego camping lantern chosen by Kai).

The evening was a wiener roast reunion of Arkona United Church, it was nice to see everyone and showcase the kids.

We spent the weekend camping, or trying to. More on that next.

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