Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing and Scrubbing

Well, Christmas came and went; with it, my last duties as minister with Glencoe-Appin Pastoral Charge. After morning worship on December 26th, I packed up the remaining books, files and sundry office items. Yes, I literally spent Boxing Day with boxes.

Except I remembered that the desk drawer that I had saved for last, I didn't get to so I went in today do some final packing, report writing, and general tidying. The church laptop has been cleaned as best I could, trying to remove all trace of my computing for my eventual successor. Although the time to delete some 35, 000 files today took longer than I had time for - it seems there will be one final visit to the office to drop off the machinery.

And then, for real, I'll close the door and walk away.

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