Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Amazingly Tragic

*contains Amazing Race 6, ep. 3, spoilers*

Oh, how my heart broke! Lena rolling and rolling bales and bales in the dark, Kristy only able to stand by and watch ... It's a shame that hard work and perseverance wasn't rewarded by the cruel world and steely-eyed Phil Keoghan.

Yeesh, if anyone needs to go, it's blue-haired human hyperbole, Jonathan. I thought Colin from the last Amazing Race was abusive and controlling (certainly he was edited that way). I don't think any amount of editing is going to help Jonathan's cause.

And my heart broke when Victoria thought his temper and unpredictability was one of his charms. Living a boring life never looked so good. As pop culture diva VicBear pointed out to me earlier, Victoria's flinch in the cab seemed far too familiar and practised.

It is pure coincidence that I have friends named Jonathan and Victoria. Except we know them as Jon and Vic. They are married, but not to each other.

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