Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sunday without The Simpsons

Thanks to Americans giving thanks, Springfield's famous family has a night off. Perhaps it is a welcome respite. I have to agree with fellow critic Jon: the quality of the writing has been less-than-stellar this season. I've already mentioned last week's ep was a saving grace, but the previous two shows have been abysmal. I'm almost worried.

Maybe it's because all creativity and thought had been funnelled into re-vamping the official webpage. Quimby's cabinet of characters has some gems: Milhouse VanHouten and Ralph Wiggum are as good as expected; Lenny Leonard and Rod Flanders are pleasant surprises. Missing from the files are Jasper, Hans Moleman and Uter, among legions of other favourites. Somebuddy better right this rig before it's too late. How I miss season 8.

So what to do on a Simpsonless night? Yahtzee! Shelley kicked my can to the curb. It wasn't close. Total scores after three games = 758 to 551.

No Simpsons, no yahtzees and no 35-point bonuses ... and the Raptors laid an egg at the end of the game today. If it wasn't for Rei's amusing supper of dill pickles, I wouldn't be having any fun!

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