Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy ... New Year. You know who this is.

What happens when four couples, released from the care of their children, meet up in Guelph for a sleepover and imbibe excess food and drink? It's a New Year's Rockin' Eve of Toc Alphian proportions.

(Toc Alpha is an acronym for "Taking On Concerns About Life, People and Human Achievement"; its tagline, Youth for youth by youth, was a rallying cry at hotels in the Toronto area until its dissolution 5 years ago. It was an Ontario-wide youth organization that developed leadership skills and promoted healthy lifestyle choices for youth 14- to 24-years old. Apparently, it also promoted inbreeding, because we all seemed to marry each other).

A surfeit of calories and alcohol punctuated the evening's festivities which featured Bailey's balls, a nun calendar, sea-men and adult movie previews. Xena, warrior Princess, made an appearance to ring in the New Year after key-swapping had reconfigured the couples.

Drama continued as people drifted off to sleep when an "outside caller" left a slurred yet impassioned message on Jon's cellphone: "Happy F***ing New Year. mumble mumble. You know who this is. Love to the girls."

Love to everybuddy. Happy _ [insert own adverb here]_ New Year.

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