Monday, January 17, 2005

Sleep Obsessed

Sleep has been a running theme with Rei for the past few days. She's been covering her stuffed toys with blankets, rubbing their backs and gently saying "shh shh"; it's very adorable. There have been times when she gathers her bed buddies (Pooh, Teddy and Duck) and her blanket of choice and begins to head up the stairs announcing "Sleep!"

Of course, when we get her to her crib (a literal crib, not an MTV one) she'll lie there and chatter for an hour or so before dropping off. This also happens at daycare and we hope she's not that great a distraction for the other nappers (or the teachers). You'd think with her preoccupation with sleep, she'd be more receptive to it...

Although, last week it felt very much like sleep training all over again as she went to bed wailing and crying for about 5 nights in a row. It seems to have resolved itself now. We'll see what her next fixation might be: food or poop. (I'm hoping for food).

As for me, my next stop is sleep!

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