Thursday, May 19, 2005

Jedi Mind Tricks

I cannot take credit for this story; that belongs to my learning partner Michelle (who almost was the centre of a taxi altercation just now). She happened to overhear the following exchange between a patron and a staff person of a toy store:

Young man: "I consider myself to be a 'with it' kind of guy ..."
(I knew this was going to be good)
Young man: "And I can understand the Star Wars display in the window..."
(Here I'm thinking he's getting ready to ask the store clerk out on a date)
Young man: "But I'm wondering about the rocks that are there on the ground."
Store clerk: "They were left over from some other display. I thought I'd leave them because they looked like asteroids or something."
Young man: "Oh good, because I thought I was missing something about the movie!"
(hysterical beer-sodden laughter)

Hmm... it doesn't read as funny as when she told it. Still, knowledge is power. Whoever has the information is in control (be it about Star Wars or anything else). This is what I learned from my time in The Circle.

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