Sunday, May 29, 2005

Weekend of Extroversion

- funeral (where I did manage to work in a Billy-Braggian exposition on cultural identity into the reflection)
- met my table group
- reconnected with my two principals (from CCS and QTC)
- interacted with 600+ of London Conference's delegates to the 81st Annual General Meeting (where I was embarrassingly applauded for my near-completion of my Educational Ministry Certificate with CCS)
- get-to-know-you games with the youth delegates
- opening worship with youth
- shook more hands
- small-talked to more people
- spoke at the microphones twice (against a motion to definitely postpone action on a resolution, and for a motion to transmit a proposal with concurrence to General Council)
- youth presentation to the court of London Conference
- giggling at the side with disdainfully, irrevent Pat and Michelle
- singing slowly
- even more hand-shaking, some hugging
- even more small-talking
- Peruvian lunch (mmm... Rocoto...)
No wonder I'm tired. Back to my introspective cave of silence.

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