Saturday, June 18, 2005

The First Days

Understandably, the past couple days have been a blur. We're living our lives in two-hour segments of what-can-we-get-done?, how-much-can-we-sleep?, between feedings. Kai has some jaundice that is slowing up the feeding instinct (at least we hope that's what's happening) and the nursing experience has been difficult for Shelley.

On the postive side, Rei has been very accommodating and adjusting well, checking in on her "little buddy", gently touching his hair and always eager to talk about her new baby brother.

Sunday is on the horizon, coming around as it always does. Tomorrow is a special combined service of the two congregations that will feature PowerPointed liturgy. As much as I enjoy putting such presentations together, it is extra work, and helping with a wedding today, and a cemetery decoration day service tomorrow afternoon, I'm feeling a little bit of pressure (mostly self-imposed, I realize. But that's me).

Oh well, it'll all be over in 24 hours. And then it's 7 days until it happens again...

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