Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More Errands and Hospitals

The Wednesday morning routine involves a trip to the local "li-baby" where there's a reading program for toddlers and kids where books, song and craft come together in one dynamic and fun-filled hour of education.

Visited Hospital #5 today, completing my 3-day tour (passing on 2 others that fall into my catchment area). This trip was personal, accompanying Shelley to her ob-gyn visit. Although I did check the patient listing in the clergy room for any of my flock. So there's a billable 2 minutes.

Errands today saw another phone upgrade. We're ascending (slowly) up the ranks of cell phone technocracy where a simple, straightforward telephone ringing tone is apparently not an option on our Samsung SGH X426 flip phone with vibrant colour display. At least we can rely on the phone that can reach me, should labour begin.

A trip to Wal-Mart (yes, Keith if you're reading this, I can hear your indignation and rage) yielded: a present for a shower (bridal, baby, I'm not telling); papier de toilette; diapers for the coming newborn; plastic portable shelving unit for baby's diaper/blanket/clothing station; sunglasses for Rei; ketchup for all of us, but Rei was especially interested; and a fan which will be returned, for $30 we expected bigger.

A meltdown in someone's diaper was followed shortly after by a meltdown in temperament. The exuberant and excessively happy songs of Raffi eventually calmed all of our wailing. Evening came, the Wednes-day.

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