Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 2007, Part 5

For the most part, the trip to Kingston went well. The roads were clear and traffic was light; the kids did well to make it through Toronto before an extended stop at a McDonald's Play Place to burn off some energy. The plan was then for Kai to nap the rest of the way, but he chose to exercise his toddler veto. So everyone was a little punchy for the last hour-and-a-half of the trip, for different reasons; we were glad to arrive at Jeffy & Cheryl's.

The reunion of all the kids met everyone's high expectations. There was lots of joy and energetic celebration, giggling and co-operative play. It was the kind of interaction that we parents had envisioned for our children many years ago.

A yummy supper of salmon and sweet potato fries preceded gift giving where the children delighted in ripping wrapping and excited "thank you!"s. After bathtime and playtime and getting the kids to bed, if not to sleep, Shelley and I played a couple rounds of Blokus with Jeffy, which we received as a gift.

Then we were introduced to the British "gameshow" QI hosted by Stephen Fry, better known in our household as the narrator for Pocoyo.

It was a full day of travel, friends, food and fun. Our Christmas circuit for the year is now complete.

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