Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yo Gabba whatta?

With the coming change in season (and the onset of Rrroll Up the Rrrim means that NCAA March Madness can't be far off), Treehouse TV has trotted out a new schedule featuring some new shows.

Shelley and I can't figure out how "Yo Gabba Gabba" managed to snag the primetime before-supper slot. The characters appear to be rip-off mishmashes of Sponge Bob and Teletubbies characters, singing insipid songs that sound like they were written by a 51-year old with a turntable and mixing board. (I was going to say 15-year old, but teenagers would have had some edge and soul to their songs... these tunes were desperately trying to be cool, in a preschool way).

I'm not sure if the celebrity cameo by a scruffy-bearded Elijah Wood gave Yo Gabba Gabba a credibility lift, or tarnished his Hobbit star.
Regardless, Kai has become enraptured by this show (Reiko, to a lesser extent, but she's an eager viewer nonetheless) asking for the Orange Guy show, referring to "DJ Lance Rock", the furry-hatted human seen beside Mr. Wood.

Yes, this is what my engagement with pop culture and my knowledge of what is hip and happening has been reduced to: critiquing children's programming.

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