Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kai's First Trip to the Falls

The last time we went to Niagara Falls, Shelley was pregnant with Kai, and we wanted to have one little holiday with Reiko before the family expansion. We used some AirMiles for a hotel near downtown and stopped at IKEA en route getting some cushions, bedding and kitchen gadgetry.

Last time, Rei had a fit of temper when at the Falls proper (granted she was not even 2-years old). This time, her tummy troubles revisited her and we had a little snack before heading back to the hotel. It was also around this time I discovered the new batteries I put into the camera were not so new ... or maybe the camera itself was nearing the end of its functionality. So we don't have any pictures of the snowy misty falls or resultant rainbow.

Supper was surprisingly good. We patronized the hotel restaurant, not wanting to venture too far from Reiko's bed, and were treated to some flavourful dishes: a tasty salmon for Shelley and a yummy chicken and shrimp pasta in a curry sauce for me. Well done, Apollo Grille. Don't be lulled by the Internet's lacklustre sample menu.

This being Kai's first trip to the Falls, he enjoyed rolling around on the hotel bed and driving through "that funny place" Clifton Hill (Tourist Area). Some day the kids might want to learn about what Ripley would have them believe, or not, the amazing things that Guinness recorded in the world, and the marvel of wax museums. For now, they're happy with a pool and being able to watch TV from bed!

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