Friday, March 20, 2009

Potty Party!

After many false starts and half-hearted attempts (and numerous unclaimed "potty presents" that Shelley bought at the dollar store eons ago), Kai spent the afternoon in Spiderman underwear and peed in the potty!

It was not the attentive parental moment that we had hoped it might be. Shelley was shopping in the States with her sister and I was upstairs getting supper ready. Still, when I happened upon the scene, there was much rejoicing and celebration.

His potty present turned out to be a volcanosaur. Just add water and the volcano "erupts" and dissolves in foamy tectonic fury leaving behind a dinosaur that will increase in size after 72 further hours in water.

There was one other accident this evening, there was another successful potty event as well. Here's hoping this time, we've turned the corner and diaperless days are in sight.

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