Monday, January 03, 2011

New Tech

In quasi-preparation for the new gig, I upgraded the cell phone and its attendant plan to join the legion of Blackberry users (which should help keep family and friends gainfully employed at RIM). Carrying the Torch in my pocket, I will enhance the dexterity of my thumbs with BBM-ing and the like, as I minister with Calvary United. Apparently, there's been audio-visual improvements at the church with the installation of screens and computer projection equipment last month.

In other news of technological upgrades, new Keiser exercise bikes were unveiled for use in spin class tonight. Despite a silent, smoother ride, the seat felt a tad too hard (not quite broken in?) and the digital readout of tension/gear and RPMs revealed just how much farther I had to go in keeping pace with the instructor. Of course, he decided to inaugurate our ride with a full-out 2 minute sprint. I'm really beginning to dread the song "Paradise City" by Guns N'Roses.

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