Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Orientation Day

After months of mounting anticipation, I finally got a glimpse of the office that my friends have been raving about. It wasn't so much the spacious corner office with en suite bathroom, wall of bookcases or formidable desk that impressed me, but the waiting stack of blank file folders, fresh Post-it notes, box of paper clips and Uniball Micro pens. Small touches, but very welcoming.

It was a day of many little tasks: adding a new set of keys to my ring, moving boxes into the office, setting up my work email account. The tour of the contorted and sprawling premises impressed upon me the need to keep my keys at hand at all times. I ordered my work laptop, got started on Sunday's worship service, sorted out some paycheque paperwork and booked a lunch meeting for Friday.

Now that day one has come and gone, it'll be a matter of settling into a routine that works for my family schedule and the other staff. One item of concern, though... If I haven't been able to identify who fits the Dwight Schrute archetype in the office, does that mean it's me?


Michelle said...

Oh, rural ministers. It's the bounty of office supplies that really impresses us.

Post it notes? And nice pens? Ones I didn't buy myself?


Paula D said...

Congrats on a fun first day! 3 cheers to post it notes!