Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Blistering Start

With head freshly shaven, I set out to embrace the balmy spring day with golf clubs in tow and a coupon for the driving range.

I intended to forcefully hit inanimate objects, channelling frustration and blowing off steam, watching the balls vanish into the distance. Some of them actually did fly far and straight, more than I honestly expected; many others skittered and skipped along. After one particularly satisfying drive, I felt the subcutaneous shearing of skin and a blister was born.

I spent the rest of my time puttering around the practice green, again surprising myself with accuracy and alacrity. Despite my early successes, it seems an actual game will be far in the future if my bulging blister is any indicator. So I guess that means turning to my readings. Here's hoping for no papercuts.

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