Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring Cleaning

With the warm weather, sunshiney days, sniffling noses and dry coughs that signal the new season of spring, thoughts turn to golf and sandals. In the spirit of productive waste-o and spring cleaning, lunch was a medley of what was leftover in the fridge: soup, pizza, pork chop, bagel, smoked turkey breast, kiwis, strawberries (or "strawbabies" as Rei refers to them), moldy peach, and canned peaches.

The laundry hamper is as empty as it's going to get with the final 3 loads of laundry finishing up now. In the meantime, I've switched out the winter storage clothes, stashing away items of my fall/winter wardrobe and bringing out the spring/summer set from hibernation. Caught up in the flurry of domestic fervor, I reorganized my dresser too.

Once the dishes are done, there's not much else to do except the paper that's due this weekend...

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