Thursday, April 07, 2005

Of Badgers and Brolsma

It all began with Moxywoman who started linking to her latest Website of Doom. The dancing badgers were a high energy hit (as were its other incarnations: football, Helm's Deep, etc.). Then she discovered Gary Brolsma. I knew of Numa Numa before but was resistant to exploring it simply because of my stubborn, knee-jerk refusal to engage in the mass consumption of "the next big thing". However, if Moxy endorsed it, I could trust her discerning judgment.

The earworm that is Dragostea Din Tea delivered by Romanian pop "phenomenon", O-zone, is infectiously annoying. I couldn't get it out of my head earlier today, but had to smile when I thought of Gary's exuberant sing-along. While the boyband video features prancing in, and on, a cargo plane, it is my hero Gary who won me over. He just looks so happy and fulfilled as he blissfully, lipsynchingly chair-dances. Oh how fun would it have been to hang with him in high school!

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