Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Gift

It's uncanny. Shelley has the ability to see actors on TV or in a movie and be able to pinpoint other films or shows they've done. She places minor role characters and guest stars with great facility, I don't mean Michael J. Fox was in "Spin City" and "Family Ties". Well, yes he was, but her knowledge is more esoteric.

The latest example is Michelle Nolden as the astronaut sister of the love interest in Men with Brooms that we're watching on TV right now. Shelley says, "Wasn't she in an episode of CSI?"

Sure enough, I do some digging and find that she also had a guest role on CSI: Miami, episode 411, "Payback", as the survivor of a sexual assault.

Is it any wonder that I married her? Plus she's an Ebay winner, new owner of 4 cute handbags.

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