Monday, April 24, 2006

HoCho at LoCoYoFo

After 4 days with 100 youth and their leaders, and missing Rei's birthday on the weekend, I'm settling back into the wonderful routine that is home.

In attempting to impress the importance of curfew and self-care in a youth retreat setting, I related the true story of a youth suffering from the side effects of no sleep, little food and too much running around. His body reacted strongly to this mistreatment and I summed up the anecdote with the diagnosis: "hopped up on hot chocolate and good times".

This became one of the running jokes throughout the event; but even as I share it in this cyber space, I know it is another case of "you had to be there". Should you care to discover more about the vibrant ministry for youth in our London Conference of The United Church of Canada, pictures, videos and shared stories await at

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