Friday, April 28, 2006

The Shot Heard around the World

I went golfing again this afternoon, I shot 5 better than my last round with fewer mulligans needed.

My best shot was one I didn't see, off the fairway behind a tree on #9 (yes, my tee shot put me closer to the 1st green). I lined up with my 3-iron and, with an easy swing, blasted off. It went out and up like a rocket, I lost sight of it but it sounded sweet and looked straight. With no idea where it might have gone, I trudged off in search of my ball. Golf really is a silly game if you stop to think about it; I don't.

And there it was, my ball, right in the middle of the fairway beside the white marker, 150 yards from the flag. With the hole being 509 yards in length, taking 2 shots for 359 yards was the highlight. From there, I overshot the green and double-bogeyed which was the theme of my outing. I won't quit my day job.

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