Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Watched Double Overtime for This?

There are some joys to being a Raptors fan these days. The emergence of the younger players: Joey Graham; of course, Charlie Villaneuva; and even, Rafael Araujo. There are more frustrations. Like the 17-point comeback tonight go for naught in double-overtime.

The bravado and brash play of Mike James was entertaining early on, but as the season is closing out, is wearing rather thin. A self-proclaimed "go-to-guy" should recognize when his game is off. If he's so keen on winning, he'd see defences collapsing upon him and open teammates with a better shot. Except it seems he's keen on him winning (and scoring a big contract), not necessarily the team doing so.

Before the editing group finds it, Wikipedia's newest definition of "chucker" gave me a chuckle.

EDIT: the linked reference to "Chucker" was speedily deleted. Essentially, it questioned the "team" attitude of said Mike James with various quotations about not being appreciated and not being able to go to the Bahamas on a salary of $3.4 million... you get the picture.

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