Monday, January 15, 2007

He's da Bomb, B'y

My character's name when playing Animal Crossing is "Jack" and the name of my town is "CTU". I set his birthday for January 14th, the season premiere of 24. It's a real-time game, so when I played on my "birthday" it was disappointing to find out that most of my friends and neighbours had moved away to another town (Shelley's "Arkona") and the only recognition of my birthday was a cake from my "Mom".

That did not diminish the gift that was the kick-off to another day of anti-terrorist Jack Bauer's ironically all-American life...

* * * 24 SPOILER ALERT * * *

I was initially disappointed that there wasn't more Asian villainy portrayed and we're picking on Muslims again. I was curious to learn that Canada's own Pakistani-Newfoundlander, a self-professed "Poofie", Shaun Majumder had a pivotal role as a terrorist. Indeed it was very strange to see him in a dramatically sinister role, but he carried it well and went out with a bang.
Not many natives of Baie Verte can say they nuked LA.

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