Sunday, January 28, 2007

An Open Letter

To the person who destroyed our snowman this afternoon between 12:30 and 3:00,

My forensic reasoning further concludes that you went out of your way to walk by our picnic table in the backyard and decapitate our humble snow man. For what reason?

We've gotten used to all manner of people walking through our backyard and front lawn. I admit it's hard for children and teens to recognize this boundary when adults of the community do the same. We'd be more open to such trespasses were you a member of the church, because after all it is their property, not ours. But my guess is you're not because you'd otherwise know, and care about, the people who made that snowman.

How do we explain to a our 3-year old that someone deliberately destroyed her creation? We chose to respond to her puzzled observation, "Oh look, my snowman is broken!" with assurance that we can make another one. Isn't it too early to teach her about anonymous, malicious intent and meaningless vandalism?

I hope you and your buddies are pleased with what you've done. Thanks to you, the town is safe. Who knows what an ungodly invasion of lumpy snow creatures hell-bent on subverting our way of life would do? Maybe cast a suffocating, all-pervasive blanket of cold and chill upon the land? Oh, wait...

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