Saturday, April 28, 2007

All Roads Lead to Jersey

The focus of Canadian sports fans has been on New Jersey lately as the Raptors were taken to task by the Nets last night, and where the Senators and Devils are currently in overtime.

Also numerous colleagues and cohorts in (youth) ministry are preparing for an annual expedition to Princeton Theological College. This year I will be joining them for a week of continuing education as the lectures and workshops focus on "community".

Of particular interest is a series on "The Spirituality of Boys – Losers & Loners": Focusing particularly on early adolescent boys, this seminar examines boys’ encounters with loss and loneliness and how those inform their spiritual lives. Seeking to challenge the widespread assumption that boys lack both spirituality and an interest in it, this seminar looks at the distinctive qualities of boys’ spiritual lives and suggests ways for supporting them in ministry.

That, and I'll be keeping an eye out for Dr. Gregory House.

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