Sunday, April 15, 2007


We hosted Great-Grandma's 90th birthday party this afternoon. After making some arrangements to use the church basement to host our function (which was an in-pulpit statement along the lines of "we'd like to use the church and will ask your forgiveness, as needed"), we prepared in the afternoon for the arrival of Shelley's family. Mind you, her parents have been with us since Friday and have been very helpful with kid-wrangling.

Rei shared toys fairly graciously. Although we hid her musical electric guitar in a closet, figuring it would cause more strife than harmony. Kai was very interested in his 7-month old first cousin once removed (that terminology never made sense to me); it's not often that he's not the smallest/youngest.

We had a photographer come and take some family portraits to commemorate the occasion. Even with 5 strong-willed children, we managed to produce some acceptable poses.

As for Great-Grandma, I think she enjoyed herself and the fuss we were making over her. You know what they say about 90-year olds... (actually I don't, but I'm sure it's quite witty).

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