Thursday, April 12, 2007


Compliments of CBC Radio 3, The Rheostatics at Massey Hall in its musical immensity is available. Yes, I can apparently re-live the evening in its 210-minute entirety (minus the non-rhyming intro).

You can't hear me "whoo whoo"ing during "Me & Stupid" after the line about "getting whaled/wailed on ginger ale" or after the tribute to Nick Cave in "My First Rock Concert" but I did. I'm looking forward to shouting "ALOMAR!" once more and rocking out to the incredibly uplifting treatment of "Self Serve Gas Station".
Isn't technology wonderful? Encore!

EDIT: Well, it's not so much the entire concert; much of the first set and one song of the encore (which still is an impressive hunk of music) with some of the banter excised. I guess I have to wait for Alomar at the Self Serve...

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