Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I woke up this morning still unable to breathe properly and a very tender side; I suspected that I might have cracked a rib last night. Ordinarily, I'd ride out the pain for a few days and see what happens (there's nothing that can be done for a cracked/broken rib treatment-wise apart from time).

Considering that Shelley and I leave on our anniversary cruise on Friday, I thought I better have it checked out just to make sure that it wasn't something more serious. After Bible Study, I packed a bag full of work and books and headed to the ER.

After triage and registration, it was a surprising few minutes before my name was called. I gowned and waited. This was where my book came in handy. I was moved to a different room and waited some more. I read a lot of the book.

The doctor came in and figured it was a bruised rib, but ordered X-rays to rule out a hairline fracture. I waited some more. I was shown to the X-ray department, zapped, and went back to my ER room. Where I waited. And read.

Eventually, I learned my ribs are intact and received a prescription for a painkiller. And that was 5 hours of my day.

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