Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Kai had been up and crying off and on through the night so I was already awake when I went to investigate the sound of running water through the pipes. I found the water softener filled to the brim and spilling its surplus over the basement floor and all the sundry items we have stored there. So bailing and mopping at 4:30 a.m. wasn't the start to the day that I envisioned; neither was going to the church at 5:30 a.m. to check the plumbing situation there.

In the end, we unplugged the water softener and turned off the water to the house. I left a phone message with the plumber explaining what was going on and expressed appreciation for a return of my call.

Later that morning when I called back, I was informed that they wouldn't be out to see us today, they'd call tomorrow before heading over. I bluntly asked, "So what do we do about water?" Surprised, she responded, "There's no water at your house?"

I repeated the same message I left that morning, was transferred to someone who tried to walk me through a bypass of the softener. I told him I had a two-year old with me and he assured me that was OK. Except I couldn't really look for, or follow, any of his suggestions while holding a squirmy toddler in a wet basement setting.

Not the most helpful phone call.

Later in the afternoon, someone showed up to rebuild the water softener valve and figured out how to reroute the water flow the next time something happens. I paid attention and labelled the valves for future reference. Then I mopped and bailed some more. Flush toilets and indoor plumbing really are marvels, aren't they?

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