Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Church on the Green

I went golfing with someone from the church today. I was a little intimidated because I knew he is a regular golfer and course champion. I'm glad to say I didn't embarrass myself.

Thankfully, we didn't keep score. He had some comments about my swing (which I invited) and things straightened out toward the end. At hole 15, he marvelled that I outdrove him by 100 yds, (he mis-hit) and made par. Had we kept score, I won that hole.

There's something to be said about playing to the level of the "competition"; it was one of my best games in recent memory. There were a good number of somewhat straight, long drives. I made some decent approaches and pitches (including one lucky bounce and roll off the cart path). My putting leaves much to be desired, but I made a good one to end on. All in all, I played well enough to want to play again.

And we even talked a little church, as we sat in his private cart and drank some drinks. It certainly would be a different crowd on Sunday if I managed to include a round of golf as worship.

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