Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wednesday: Wedding Crashers

As hoped, Shelley and I got away for a night of frivolity and nuptial hijinks: we went and saw Wedding Crashers and got exactly what we expected. Standard character clich├ęs, plot true to formula, and gratuitous nudity required silencing my inner skeptic. Still, an enjoyable and pleasant diversion.

Vince Vaughn was in fine form, brash and blustering (although I don't think I'll ever see him top his performance in Swingers, maybe it was the novelty of the Vaughn hyperdrive). I've always been indifferent to Owen Wilson, I remain so.

There was a pleasant surprise to end the evening (Shelley mocked my delighted astonishment), as The Weakerthans ushered us out of the theatre to their "Aside". Clutching our mammoth bag of popcorn, we headed back to the cottage, to our children.

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