Monday, December 26, 2005

Family Feast

After church on Sunday, we tripped up to the farmstead for Christmas with my family. The kids commanded the bulk of the attention, as expected. In spite of tickle ambushes and over-sized stuffed animals (giraffe and penguin, both with belly buttons), Rei was in generally good spirits given the disruption to our schedule and the excess exposure to large groups of people. Her ongoing remark at Christmas Eve service was "Look at all the people!" It's true; I don't think she's seen the church that full before.

Kai, as usual, went with the flow, protesting when hungry and tired, but otherwise quite amenable to all the travel and commotion.

When shopping for me, alcohol, CDs and books, (not necessarily in that order) are a safe bet. To wit, my collections now include: a bottle of Glenlivet 12-year single malt scotch and a Californian Pinot Noir; CDs from The Arcade Fire, and The Violet Archers; and a book about alcohol, Konrad Ejbich's Pocket Guide to Ontario Wines, Wineries, Vineyards, & Vines.

Lunch today with great-grandma saw an overabundance of food and dessert, a couple episodes of spilled milk, and again, generally happy kids. For now it's home again, home again, for the next little while as we prepare for the arrival of the Parsons-Sheldrakes for the next holiday weekend.

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