Friday, December 03, 2004

Feels like Saturday

Shelley took the day off work today and we did some Christmas errands. We went to Sears for Rei's picture shoot (because she was #75 on the waiting list at Zehr's) and immersed ourselves in the ambiance that is Lambton Mall in Sarnia.

Then Shelley continued into London to do some gift shopping while I worked an a sermon, a paper and a mileage report. It might have been smarter to do all of our commerce in London, but then Shelley would not have been husband- and baby-free. I hesitate to guess which freedom she enjoyed more.

It feels like Saturday because these are things that usually happen on the seventh day in our household. And also because I'm up late at night working on a sermon. Therefore it must be Saturday. Well in a few minutes, it will be.

Happy weekend, everybuddy.

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