Saturday, December 04, 2004

Today Was Brought to You by the Letter T

Tonnes of types of things today tied into the twentieth letter of the alphabet...

Rei had her first "Time Out" for continuing to kick after repeated requests for her to stop. We're not totally certain she grasps the action-consequence dynamic yet, but we believe she's close to making a breakthrough. She is beginning to make the "you" and "me" distinction -- that the identity of "you" or "me" changes with the speaker. Is 19 months too young to bewilder her with subjective reality? She is making noises that sound like "Thank you" and continues to toddle along.

I removed a trojan virus from the computer. Ate some smoked turkey for lunch, trail mix for a snack, also had some tangerines (OK, they're technically clementines. But they're tangerine in colour).

The Christmas Tree went up today. Clever us: apparently when we packed it up last year, we left the lights on the tree. Either we're brilliant planners or lazy slackers.

Tonight Shelley and I dusted off an old favourite, "The New Tetris". We indulged in strategic placement of four-unit block shapes for about half an hour. We have to ease back into these things! The brightly coloured, softly falling bricks would have been more soothing were it not for the soft swearing that accompanied the soundtrack. All our favourite Tetris configurations appeared: Starburst, Zipper, Standing O, The Church, Sandwich, Bookcase ... Oh baby, pass the buttah!

I wonder what adventures await tomorrow?

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