Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Amazing Racecap

*may contain spoilers. definitely contains opinions.*

You know that The Amazing Race is hitting the mainstream when it indulges in the obligatory, mid-season summary episode with extra, unseen footage. If anything, seeing more of the teams reinforced my opinions of them. I would love to race with ...

Kris and Jon: simply fabulous. They are a strong team, performing well at the tasks. They are well-grounded, supportive of each other and easily laugh at their miscues.

Gus and Hera: I love their perspective and appreciation of the journey. They just glad to be there, enjoying each new experience (and beer) as opportunity permits.

I would love to race against ...

Freddie and Kendra: mostly it's Kendra's attitude and offensive comments about the countries and cultures where she is the guest, an obnoxious, demanding guest.

Jonathan and Victoria: Ugh. My thoughts on Jonathan have been previously documented. The one thing I didn't like about the recap episode is hearing more of his "insights" and seeing more of his gameplay.

I'm rather ambivalent and non-committal about the others at this point. Lori and Bolo are certainly the most entertaining team; I find Adam to be quite whiney and Hayden very high-maintenance.

Of course, I realize this TV. These are all edited and filtered presentations of the reality that is truth -- hmmm... kind of like the Bible! Judging by storylines and airtime, I see Kris/Jon facing off against Jonathan/Victoria in a ham-handed good vs. evil plot. Jon against Jon, very existential.

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