Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Grand Day Out

After some "naps" and rest in the afternoon, we ventured out to the cliffs of Conception Bay for a visit with dear friends Peter and Patricia. Their property extends right to the water and the complaint is that sometimes at night, the whales are so loud they can't sleep. What an inconvenience!

Following some floor play with large foam, alphabet puzzle pieces, we went for a walk through the back field to the cliff's edge. En route, we picked up golf balls which evoked a sense of our own backyard for Rei (she's going to think every backyard has golf balls strewn about). Peter shared a story of pirate treasure that had her intrigued and mildly apprehensive.
Pirate Rock

Some people from church joined us for a delightful supper: smoked salmon, ham, turnip, cauliflower, potatoes, salad and freshly baked bread by Peter. We brought some Pelee Island Dry White, as an offering from Canada's southernmost winery to Canada's eastern edge, and imbibed in some wonderful Newfoundland vintages, again crafted by Peter.

The kids held up very well, energetic and good-natured until dessert (ice cream and strawberries) was finished and we brought our tired ones home/hotel. Now that the kids are asleep, we can finally sneak ourselves some of those peanut butter Smarties that Shelley bought yesterday. Although I'd half-expect the bag to be opened and immediately hear Rei's voice: "What are you eating Mommy?"

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