Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Storms and Songs, Solo-style

As Shelley wends her way to Kingston for a Literacy Conference, I'm home with the kids. She deserves a few nights of responsibility-free sleep.

So far it's been fine; apart from a booming summer-like thunderstorm this afternoon that had Kai curious and Rei frightened. I distracted her by having her help me make supper and falling back on my standard strategy: singing silly songs made up on the spot. These ditties are generally successful, however due to their improvised nature I can't remember them for repeat performances. So "The Hunga Munga" song is different every time I'm asked to perform.

Tomorrow, I'm going for back-up and heading to my folks' place for a couple nights. But not after taking Rei to daycare and staying for *gulp* Kai's first orientation visit.

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