Monday, May 08, 2006

Killick Coasting: Fish and Ferry

Today featured a mini-road trip around the Killick Coast Trail. Through the countryside of rock and pine, highlighted with some little patches of snow, we zipped through Torbay, Flatrock, and Pouch Cove, with an extended stop in Portugal Cove.

We paused for a wistful moment in the parking lot of the United Chruch and look up the hill to the manse, which was our home for a year. It had a mountain in the backyard, a view of Conception Bay from the living room window, garish colour schemes in the bedrooms, and a dishwasher. Those were the days.

We were delighted to learn our fears that Gordon's Fish & Chips may have closed were misplaced. In fact, his Cozy Corner Cafe has expanded. We dined on delectable cod, encased in light crisp crunchy batter buried beneath chipwagon calibre fries with a tin of [Diet] Pepsi. I was afraid of a letdown, of fond memories and high expectations overwhelming the actual experience. Some things don't change. (Like the graffiti cliffs, apparently the strength of "Holly 'n Paul"'s relationship has not faded one bit).

After the nostalgic lunch, we tended to Rei's desire to go on a boat; just a little over and back on the ferry to Bell Island.
Bell Island Ferry

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