Sunday, May 07, 2006

If I Knew You Were Coming

Growing up, we had a Sesame Street record that featured the Cookie Monster and the Count singing that if they knew I was coming, they'd have baked a cake (one cake!), baked a cake (2 cakes!), etc.

Shelley and I made our return to Cochrane Street United Church where I did my internship 8 years ago. Not surprisingly, I took part in the worship service, offering the children's story. And not unsurprisingly, I discovered someone in the congregation who knew where Arkona was, she being from Forest.

It was some good to be back; although trying to connect names to all the familiar faces was rather daunting. Rei did very well considering the amount of attention that was directed at her, this being the congregation's first introduction to our kids.

During the "Fellowship Time" afterwards, there was a specially-decorated cake welcoming us back. They knew we were coming and, yes, they baked a cake. (one cake! and its remains are in our fridge, even as I type).
Cochrane Cake

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