Sunday, July 16, 2006


The trip to the cottage was going well; too well. During a little lunch stop in Stayner, Shelley and I noticed that Rei wasn’t using her left arm. Recalling how she fell out of bed Friday night and has been sore and sensitive ever since, her repeatedly telling us she doesn’t feel well, and Jeffy and Cheryl’s story about Neva’s dislocated elbow we thought we should seek medical guidance.

We arrived at the cottage in good time, unloaded the car and Kai. Shelley and Rei headed to the Emergency Room in nearby Midland to confirm/allay our fears. I set about the tasks of plugging in the fridge, resetting the fuses for the water heater, removing mouse traps, putting away clothes, babyproofing while making do with the provisions left here: water and crackers.

As it turned out, Rei was fine with no dislocations or sprains, but at least I feel better. Maybe she’ll as better I do tomorrow.

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