Saturday, September 15, 2007

Heading for the Hills of Saskatchewan

There’s a national meeting of youth and young adult ministry folk in Saskatchewan happening next week that I’m attending. So I’m packing my bags and heading out to Calling Lakes Centre in Fort Qu’Appelle. Having been there before, I know it’s beautifully nestled in the Qu’Appelle River Valley with lots of glacially-carved slopes and hills. This time, it’s not November so the weather should permit more outdoor enjoyment.

In preparation and development for a nebulous “Year of Sabbath” program, a group of us are visioning and discerning what shape and implications that may have on our individual lives, as well as the wider church.

On the list of things to bring were items that give us rest, restoration and Sabbath. So I bringing some books, some crosswords puzzles, Settlers of Catan and some golf balls (noting a course next door to the retreat centre) ... who knows what will happen? Back to packing, my flight leaves at 7:15 tomorrow morning which is a 5 a.m. wake-up.

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