Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hospital Rounds 2

I arranged to meet up with my dear friend, the newly-Reverend Michelle, in London with the excuse that I'd orient her to the parking lots and pastoral care departments of the various hospitals. Really, it was an excuse to spend some time together giggling and catching up.

Surprisingly, we ran into the pastor team from the Pentecostal church in Glencoe, there for the same purpose. We had to swallow our guffaws when they asked if Michelle was my assistant. I guess I didn't have to go too far afield to run into the Senior Pastor phenomenon.

After the photo ID, some lunch and cursory tours of the hospitals, we browsed through Chapters together. I noted that the latest Dune posthumous sequel is on the shelves (Shelley will be so thrilled). We both bought copies of The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists, having been won over by the hand-drawn map inside the front cover.

It was a grand day out and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect while pondering some big-time spiritual questions, like what our penultimatums would be in the event of our demise.

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